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LOCATION; 311 Western Hills Trail [formally Sugar & Spice] We accept new merchadise by appointment on Tue.-Wed. & Thursday 11:00-3:00

Consignor Information

New2U Consignment Shop offers 7300 sq. ft. of funky to fabulous furniture & Decor at reasonable prices and friendly service.

Serving Granbury, Acton, Tolar, Lipan, Glen Rose, Cresson, Weatherford, Stephenville, Burleson, Benbrook, & Fort Worth areas.

New2U Decor's 7300 sq. ft. showroom and warehouse will spotlight your furniture and home decor items for 60 days making your selling experience pleasurable, safe, and hassle free!  We work with our consigners to come up with a fair market value price.  In most cases; the price will reduce automatically every two weeks until the item is sold. Consigners drop off items, clean and showroom ready and we do the rest. 

Our convenient location just off Hwy 377 is easy to find.  Take Hwy. 377 to Western Hill Trail, go thought the stop sign and take the first left.  Look for the purple and lime green awning.  No worries about advertising, making appointments to show your items or with the daunting task of holding a garage sale in uncertain Texas weather.  

Consigner maintain their sanity, not having to deal with a garage sale or phone calls, They earn 50% of the sales price on consignment items.   Consigners don't need to worry about where and how to sell their treasures, we do it all fo you! At New2U Decor we convert your treasures into cash. Our Eco-friendly concept is win-win for everyone.  The seller earns a great commission on their treasures, the buyer gets a fair deal on items they need or want and New2U has the pleasure of displaying and selling your treasure for you.

To Consign Your Treasures Complete These Steps:

If possible send a digital photo for rre-approval: For larger furniture and accessory items that cannot easily be brought to the store, we recommend that you send a digital photo for pre-approval by email or message 817-559-7986.  If you do not have a digital photo, you may mail a photo or bring one to our store.  Include your name, phone number and a description of the item, including: size; approx. age; and if known, original purchase price; the original manufacturer and where it was purchased.  Please make sure you note any flaws or “character” marks! We accept consignment items based on condition, seasonality, demand, and our current inventory.  Consignments are accepted by appointment only!

Items must be clean, shinned and showroom ready.  If your items were not fairly represented by picture, or do not meet our standards, you may be asked to take them back with you. 

We offer a full line-up of Uhaul truck, vans, & trailers to assist you in transporting your furniture.  To reserve your Uhaul, call 817-579-9292. 

Third-party Pick-up Service: For your convenience we have arranged to work with a moving service that is reliable and affordable.  If you need assistance to bring your treasures to us, please call "Moving Forward" moving service.  Owner, Wes Ragland 817-964-7920. 

Pricing: Upon acceptance of items, New2U Decor determines the pricing with consideration given to condition, quality, brand, age, original purchase price, style, and most importantly buyer demand.  The true value is set by demand.  Priced too high…items do not sell and priced too low it is not fair to the seller/consignor or our business.  We price and display your treasures to sell quickly for maximum profit for both of us.  Mark downs and discounts are always at the discreation of New2U.  We reserve the right to alter our percentage or lower the price to make the if we see fit. 

Consignment Agreement: New2U (Consignee) will enter into an agreement with the seller (Consignor).  Once the agreement is signed, it will mark the beginning of the consignment period and spell out the terms continued below.  It will also give you the date your consignment ends.   Each time a consigner drops off new items, they will sign a new contract.

Consignment Period and Markdowns: The consignment period is 60 days from the date of the consignment item is priced and place in the showroom for sale. During the first 2 week days, New2U Decor will sell the item at the initial price.  After 14 days, if the item is not sold, New2U will mark the treasure down 10% off the original price.  After 30 days, the item will be marked down another 25% off the original price.  After 45 days the item will be reduced once again to 40% off the original price.  Priced right, most items will sell in 30 to 45 days.  With these markdown policies, you have a good idea of what your treasures are going to sell for. 

Tracking your Treasures:  When you become a consigner you will be given a consigner number.  Your treasures will then be entered into our inventory.  Each Treasure has its own item number and tag for accurate tracking on our consignment software.  You can check the status of your treasures and/or balance on our web site at anytime. 

Payment:  Your payout will be given at your request.  Call or stop by the shop and request a check for the balance in your account. Checks are sent via Wells Fargo, arriving in 3 to 10 days.

End of Consignment Period: Unsold Treasures not picked up within 5 days of the end of the Consignment Agreement become the property of New2U and may be donated or disposed of at our discretion.  Commission on items sold after the 65th day are not paid to the consignor. High demand items pay be re-consigned for an additional 30 days, if approved by New2U management.

Acceptable consignment items for our store:

Our Golden Rule is, "If you would not be proud to give it as a gift or be thrilled to receive it as a gift, we probably don't want it.  Helpful Hint:  Clean, polish, repair, etc.  items for maximum profits.

Acceptable Treasures for our Seasonal Displays:  We only accept high-end Holiday decor, ornaments, wall art, figurines and table top decorations.  The general rule is we accept holiday items 90 to 60 days prior to the holiday, however, we stop receiving items 29 days prior to the event. . 

Unacceptable Items:  Mattresses, Appliances, Electronics, Clothing, and stuffed toys.

Sample Contract:

1)    PERCENTAGE paid to consignor:  50% of the sales price, no exceptions.  $1 handling fee is added to each item.  It is your responsibility to check your account on line at www.new2Udecor.com (sign in on left w/consignor# and last name and to print out your list, pull and pack your items.  Initial here ___________
2]     NEW MERCHANDISE is received on  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY [T-W-Th].  To avoid a $10 fee,  Items must be showroom ready when dropped off.  NO broken , chipped or repaired items will be accepted.  If your item is deemed unacceptable it will donated.   CHECK YOUR INVENTORY ONLINE WITH IN 48 HOURS, [www.new2udecor.com]. CORRECTIONS MUST BE REPORTED WITH IN 1 WEEK.  The consignment period begins when the item is logged into the computer.  Our website is managed by a third party and New2U is not responsible for outages, or website issues.  EACH ITEM MUST HAVE YOUR CONSIGNOR NUMBER ON THE BOTTOM or we cannot guarantee payment.  NO consignor business to be conducted on Saturday!  Initial here ___________
3]     CONSIGNMENT PERIOD is 60 days.  The item will be priced with built-in markdowns.  Prices are  reduced every two weeks.   Pricing, markdowns & discounts are at the discretion of New2U staff .   We reserve the right to adjust the price as needed .    ITEMS LEFT LONGER THEN 65 DAYS WILL BE FORFITED TO THE STORE,  THEREFORE NO COMMISSION WILL BE PAID ON THESE ITEMS, AND THEY WILL BE DONATED OR CLEARANCED AT THE DISCRETION OF NEW2U.  Consignors must sign New Contract every time new merchandise is dropped off.  No verbal contracts apply. Initial here ___________
4]  PAYOUTS for sold merchandise are made UPON REQUEST via Wells Fargo check Processing or a Store Gift Card.  Processing may take 3-4  weeks.  Payout will be sent via Wells Fargo Check in $250 increments.  Payout more than 365 days old will be forfited to New2U and the account will be closed.  Layaway (30 day) items are paid when the item is paid in full.  Initial here ___________
5]  Risk of Loss. New2U or its staff are not responsible for loss, damage or transport of any item left on consignment.   Initial here ___________
6]  Severability.  If any court determines that any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, any invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision and will not make any other provision of this agreement invalid or unenforceable and shall be modified, amended, or limited only to the extent necessary to render it valid and enforceable. 
APPOINTMENT DATE: __________& TIME ______ o'clock.     PLEASE COME to the receiving door.
* LS Approved #192882090 12/27/12 Revised 12/16/2013

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